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To ensure the safety of your property please get in touch with us Taylor Burglar Alarm Installation St Helens. We are the market-leading company in the area thanks to our vast amount of industry experience. Regardless of your requirements we are here to help. Whether  you are after a new alarm installation, or maintenance and upgrades on your existing system.

We are more than happy to offer alarm system maintenance and servicing to both domestic and commercial properties in the area. All of our systems are  extremely user friendly and cost effective. Guaranteed to provide you with the top quality system. However, even the best of systems require regular maintenance. 

Regular maintenance and Warranty 

In order to fully safeguard your property and meet the requirements of your insurance policy, it is essential to have a fully working system. Therefore, regular maintenance checks are vital. If someone breaks into your property you may not be eligible for insurance claims if you have a breach of alarm warranty.  Your alarm must be tested on the regular to ensure it is of top working quality. Otherwise your insurance claims could be at risk. 

At Taylor Burglar Alarm Installation St Helens we are here to help regardless of any issues you may face. As we are a local company we are happy to provide a free, no obligation call-out service with one of our trained professionals. Therefore we can fully assess your alarm system and provide the ideal solutions. If you think you are in need or an upgrade or would like to have your burglar alarm tested, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

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The digital age is ever changing, however we pride ourselves on staying up to date. Our number one aim is always customer satisfaction. Meaning we tailor all of our services to suit your specific needs. We offer the best most comprehensive variety of Alarm and CCTV services across St Helens and the surrounding areas. 

Technology continues to upgrade and develop everyday. Therefore it is vital to choose a company which has the flexibility to adapt to a wide range of variables. Get in touch with Taylor Burglar Alarm Installation St Helens today and we guarantee to provide you with the versatility. We are able to meet all of your needs regardless of your property. With our engineers having vast amounts of experience working with commercial, retail, corporate and home security systems.

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Whether you are ready to book with us, or you would like to make an inquiry please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are always more than happy to help.

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About St Helens

The last coal mine located close to the town centre (Ravenhead Colliery) and those located in the outlying districts of St Helens, including those that were just outside the original 1887 County Borough boundary, such as Clock Face (Clock Face Colliery), Sutton (Bold Colliery), Sutton Heath (Lea Green Colliery), Sutton Manor (Sutton Manor Colliery) and Haydock (Lyme Pit, Wood Pit, Old Boston), were all closed between the nationalisation of the deep coal mining industry in 1947 and 24 May 1991, when Sutton Manor Colliery, the last to go in the immediate St Helens area, finally closed its gates.

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