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Taylor Burglar Alarm Installation Stafford can provide you with Burglar Alarm systems and Safety Alarm systems to protect your home and business property 24 hours a day. Mainly, we are introducing a real peace-of-mind, letting you to relax with the knowledge that we will protect property and belongings from unwanted intruders.

Further, our remote monitoring service presents a positive response to action the proper services for your safety and to safeguard your house and belongings. Also, one of the unluckier fads in today’s modern world is the level of crime. Importantly, a fact that is all too brilliantly shown every day in our newspapers and on our televisions. Notably, there have never been so many attractive goals for the burglar. Mainly, TVs, laptops and PCs are the prominent modern examples along with the more familiar objects such as Antiques, Gold, Jewels and Money. As a result, more and more of us are needing to contemplate ways of protecting ourselves and our homes.

Why Choose Taylor Burglar Alarm Installation?

  1. A local, friendly approach

We have been protecting people and estate across Stafford for over 25 years. Taylor Alarms demonstrate the top levels of service, knowledge and customer care.

  1. Leading Technology

By working in conjunction with manufacturers, our customers receive the newest and best features to deter crime and handle their safety effectively.

  1. Extremely Reliable

Our warnings have been hand-picked by our Stafford-based specialists.

Why Taylor Burglar Alarm Installation York is the company for you

Over the last twenty years, Taylor Burglar Alarm Installation Stafford has worked with a range of estates. These include houses, storerooms, offices, retail, food production and transport. Our qualified fitters will present you with a smooth out system to the top of standards.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us today, whether it is to make an assessment or book an appointment. All you must do is give us a call, we will be more than glad to help out.

Protecting Your Business

Taylor Burglar Alarm Installation Stafford presents a wide range of products to make sure that your firm has the level of safety to meet the requirements of all insurance companies. Before a quotation and design are ready, a risk assessment is completed by one of our engineers to make sure the grade of the alarm system fulfills your coverage company.

Contact Taylor Burglar Alarm Installation Stafford

Burglar Alarm Installation Stafford is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Meaning you can chat immediately with our fitters and feel at ease with the process. Give us a call today on 01785 907 880.


Stafford is thought to have been founded about AD 700. Further, by a Mercian prince called Bertelin, who, legend has it, founded a hermitage on a peninsula named Betheney. Additionally, until recently it was thought that the remains of a wooden preaching cross from the time had been found under the remains of St Bertelin’s Chapel, next to the later collegiate Church of St Mary in the town centre. Further, recent reappraisal of the evidence shows this to be a misinterpretation – it was a tree-trunk coffin placed centrally in the first. Importantly, timber chapel around the time that Æthelflæd founded the burh in 913. Further, it may have been placed there as a commemoration or veneration of St Bertelin

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