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Smart door locks

Do Smart Door Locks Need WIFI?

Did you know that the global smart door lock market will likely be worth an eye-watering $4,449 million by 2027? That figure shows how effective these security-enhanced tools are in protecting buildings of all sizes.  Smart locks are one of the entry system solutions we offer at Taylor Alarm & CCTV, as they offer a brilliant solution for everyone. A question we commonly get asked is if Wi-Fi is needed for these clever devices. Continue reading to find out!

What Is a Smart Door Lock?

Is leaving the house sometimes a task when you have a list of things to remember? If so, you are not alone, as we are a nation of fast-paced individuals with a lot to deal with daily. Smart locks mean you can remove house keys from your list as these canny devices work for you. Allowing you to customise how you enter and exit a property fully, smart locks can be configured to the way you desire with technology that even allows remote access to be granted. Popular in residential homes, commercial buildings, and even holiday properties, they offer a modern solution to forgetting your keys.

Is WIFI Needed For Smart Door Locks?

If a digital connection is one of your concerns, you will be pleased to discover that intelligent locks do not require Wi-Fi. A selection of available products that use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and tactile entry methods to grant access is available.  Sure, if you want to access your lock remotely, you will need a Wi-Fi connection, but there are many other options available if this is not something you regularly have access to. This means that choosing the right product can be a complex task. Fear not, as our team are experts in smart lock systems. If you want to know which would be the best for your needs, just call us.

What Are the Benefits of Smart Door Locks?

  • Security is strengthened with smart locks as the systems are harder to access by criminals. The visual of the locking system is often also enough to deter people as it indicates that security considerations have been made for the building in question.
  • You can amend the entry requirement regularly, further enhancing the system’s security.
  • There is no need for a key or a fob; simply your phone to unlock your home.
  • Configuration can also be made with other security solutions and smart devices.
  • The smart systems also allow you to keep track of activity. Allowing you to see who entered and exited is particularly helpful for corporate clients with a high footfall of people.

How To Install Smart Door Locks

The wide range of available smart locks also means different installation solutions. The most popular option is having a professional fit the systems and configure them to your needs. As well as ensuring optimal performance, this also means that other security devices can be aligned with the smart lock, offering complete protection.  Find out more about our entry system services here.
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