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How Often Should Alarms Be Serviced?

From smoke alarms tasked with alerting you of dangers to intruder alarms which protect you from unwanted activity within the home, there is no denying that these sound-based products have important jobs to do. As with any electrical product, ongoing maintenance ensures long-term functionality.  We often get asked how often our alarm maintenance service should be booked. In this blog, we answer that question and include further details on why it is important.

Why Do Alarms Need to Be Serviced?

All alarms must be regularly tested and assessed to maintain good working order. No matter what type of alarm, each consists of various complex parts and intelligent systems that keep things in strong working order.  Keeping alarms serviced is also important for different home insurance forms, as a strong testing record proves that the property in question is at less risk. This means lower premiums due to the decreased perceived risk.

How Often Do Alarms Need Servicing?

As a general rule, all types of alarms should be serviced annually.  Intruder alarms can be tested annually, but if you have an entire security system with different components, you may want to book a service every six months.  Another circumstance in which you may want to have a service more often is if your alarm shows signs of wear or malfunction. Indicators could include deeping, discolouration, or not being responsive when you test the system. Our main advice is to always be aware of your alarm system’s health, schedule regular services, and be mindful of the ongoing maintenance needed for everyday work. 

What Happens if I Don’t Service an Alarm?

Although saving your money and hoping for the best with an alarm’s functionality can be tempting, leaving it alone could cause you a much bigger headache. Unserviced alarms are likely inconsistent in how they work, resulting in the home and its occupants being at risk. You may also find that regular servicing can save you money in the longer term. This is because small issues can be resolved before they escalate and become much bigger issues. The saying ‘it is better to be safe than sorry’ has never been more relevant!

What Does an Alarm Service Include?

  • Detailed checking of the parts, wiring, and exterior casing.
  • Testing aligns with the various elements and conditions the alarm is designed to support.
  • An assessment of the wider property needs and how the alarm services those. An example would be assessing how a security alarm works with other items, such as CCTV and Entry Systems, to ensure everything is linked correctly.
  • An evaluation with the homeowner of their current needs to see if any alternative products could serve a better purpose.

How Do I Book an Alarm Service?

To book in your annual or more regular alarm service, you can contact us here. You will only need to confirm the type of alarm that you have and our team will do the rest!
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