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How To Enhance The Quality Of Your CCTV Footage

CCTV is a brilliant way of enhancing security. There are more than 5.2 million CCTV cameras in the UK which says a lot about the security protection we favour as a nation! Having a camera is one thing, but ensuring that the quality of your footage is of use when needed is a whole challenge in itself.  Keep reading to find out how at Taylor Alarm & CCTV, we ensure each of our customers has a crisp and clear CCTV system.

Tips for Improving CCTV Quality

There are a few steps that go into achieving a first-grade security system with optimal CCTV being one of them. Our top tips for improving the quality of your captured footage are as follows:
  • Select a premium device.
Choosing the right item directly impacts how it works, as with any electrical product. When selecting a CCTV camera, you want to choose something with high-resolution frames captured per minute. You can also go for both monotone and colour cameras, with the latter offering you more detail should it be needed. Ideally, your CCTV system should also be integrated with other security measures for better protection.
  • Position your cameras perfectly.
Selecting the right placement will also affect the type of footage that can be recorded. This is something that our professional CCTV service includes.
  • Optimise the area’s lighting.
CCTV cameras should be fitted in conjunction with powerful security lighting. This means the frames that are recorded will be clearer and also ensures that detail can be picked up, no matter how small.
  • Choose a device ideal for night usage.
Statistically, most crimes are said to happen at night. An example is that 56% of robberies happen at night compared to 44% during daylight hours. You can enhance the quality of your nighttime footage if the camera is intended for after-hours usage. Features such as infrared capabilities will keep the image clear even in the darkest hours.
  • Regularly service your cameras.
As with any form of home technology item, CCTV systems can suffer a loss of performance quality over time. By keeping on top of servicing, you can ensure that the crispest of images is always being captured. 

How to Install CCTV Correctly

CCTV systems have come a long way in recent years, with the grainy images we once saw on news broadcasts being a thing of the past. Nowadays, you can capture high-resolution shots and deliver them straight to your mobile! This leads nicely to our final advice for enhancing CCTV quality: to have a professional complete the installation. Our CCTV fitting services take the stress out of decision-making for you.  Our team of experts assess the area the device is required for, along with the budget and lighting needs to create a perfect system. Contact us to learn more if pixelated CCTV images are a cause of your concern!
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