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Security lighting

Is Security Lighting Effective?

In 2021/2022, there were more than 267,000 burglaries in the UK which shows just how important security measures are in residential and commercial buildings. Security lighting is a tool that offers ways to protect properties in several ways. With other options available on the market, such as CCTV and intruder alarms, you may wonder if security lighting offers as much protection as these other well-known products. Let’s explore the topic together in this article.

What Is Security Lighting?

Security lighting is a form of protection for buildings which uses illumination as a deterrent against crime. Available in switch-operated, times, and motion-activated products, they offer an intense luminosity which is off-putting to criminals.

Does Security Lighting Make a Difference?

As experts in all forms of security products, at Taylor Alarm & CCTV, we are big advocates of security lighting. These are highly effective in reducing crime and are available in many forms, making them ideal for properties of all shapes and sizes. 58% of burglaries happen when it is dark, with many criminals using the nighttime hours as their opportunity to commit crimes. Security lighting means that you can protect your home at all times and shed light on misdemeanours in the twilight hours. This security protection is also effective as it means anyone in the surrounding area is alerted to a potential crime. The powerful glare that is triggered provides full visibility when correctly positioned. Security lighting is also effective as it demonstrates that safety measures have been implemented. If a light is in place, it means that chances are more forms of security equipment are also in action. This acts as a huge deterrent, as the last thing a criminal wants is to be tracked.

Where Can I Install Security Lighting?

Security lighting is most effective when it is professionally installed. You can fit these powerful tools around the exterior of a property and on the grounds to provide full protection. It is recommended that any areas which pose the opportunity for access are covered, such as windows and doors. Positioning lights to cover pathways will convey that your property is security enhanced before an attempt is made to access it. This form of security measure should also be used with other equipment, such as CCTV, to enhance the overall protection in place. Whilst all security equipment solutions are designed to work no matter the time of day, having a bright light cast over the area will mean no chance of anything being missed.

How Can I Fit Effective Security Lighting?

Our security lighting service offers full installation of these dynamic tools. The questions that we ask ourselves, and you should too if you are planning a self fit, are as follows:
  • What areas do I need to protect?
  • How does security lighting work with my other security tools?
  • What exterior influences will impact my product choice?
By covering all of these bases, you will have an efficient lighting set up that deters any wrongful activity. Contact us to learn more.
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