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Should smoke alarms go on the wall or ceiling?

Whilst many items in the home can be styled to suit your taste, smoke alarms are not one of them. As a core element of home safety, they must be perfectly situated to provide the best chance of detecting when issues arise. 

Guidelines are included within many official sources, with the UK Governments Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Regulations 2015 being one of them.

Where should your smoke alarm be installed? Continue reading to find out.

Where Should Be Smoke Alarms Be Installed?

Since smoke rises and settles, smoke alarms should be installed on ceilings. This should be done in the middle of the room and at least 300mm from the walls and light fittings. The central location is crucial as it gives the best chance of detection at the first sign of smoke.

Smoke alarms should also be installed within every room on all levels of the home.

There are a few smoke alarms that will be suitable for wall mounting. If this is the case and you don’t have any ceiling space, you should ensure they are at least 525mm from the floor and consult with the product’s instructions or a professional when fitting.

Why is it Important to Correctly Position Your Smoke Alarm?

Statistics state that you are more than twice as likely to lose your life at home without a functioning smoke alarm. This scary figure is a real risk that all households face if they have not installed a detector properly. 

Installing a smoke alarm on the ceiling is essential as it offers the quickest chance of detection. This is because smoke rises horizontally in the first instance. The central positioning is important as it means that the smoke can be detected, no matter which direction it is coming from. 

A correctly positioned smoke alarm is also less likely to be incorrectly triggered due to other household smoke sources, such as the kitchen or an open fireplace.  

How to Choose the Best Type of Smoke Alarm?

You should always consult a professional to choose the best type of smoke alarm for your property. This is because factors such as the building type, room sizes, and fitting methods all impact the overall functionality.

We recommend ionisation or photoelectric smoke alarms as they work best in domestic dwellings.

Alongside choosing the right smoke alarm system, you should also ensure that regular checks are carried out to ensure operational efficiency.

How Are Smoke Alarms Installed?

When choosing a professional to install your smoke alarm, they will assess each room individually to ensure the best position. As we have mentioned, the centre of the room is the best spot, but this does need to consider other fixtures and fittings. 

For example, smoke alarm installation in the kitchen should be done at least 10 feet away from cooking equipment to stop false alarms. 

Our professional service includes alarm maintenance to ensure long-term compliance with building standards and insurance regulations. Contact us today to find out where your smoke alarms should be correctly positioned. 


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