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What are the different types of smoke alarms in the UK

In the UK, 91% of households own a working smoke alarm. Despite this high percentage, there is a lot of confusion around the different types available. 

Choosing the right smoke alarm is essential as many will work slightly differently in various environments. At Taylor Alarm & CCTV, we offer a smoke alarm installation service which matches your property with the most effective form of alarm. 

Below is a list of the different types of smoke alarms commonly used within the UK to better understand which is ideal for your building. Each uses a slightly different form of technology to power the system but all are designed to effectively pick up smoke levels.

The types of smoke alarm in the UK:

Mains Alarm This smoke detector is built into a properties electric system with a backup battery in the event of a power failure. Commonly found in modern properties, they are often only installed in new-build homes or properties that have been renovated

Ionisation Alarm Created with a compact radioactive source installed, these alarms detect invisible smoke particles making them highly sensitive. They work via two small, electrically charged plates that allow air to flow through them. When smoke is picked up, the current changes, which causes the radioactive source to react.

Due to their high sensitivity levels, they are commonly used in rooms that do not have another heat source, as elements such as an oven or fireplace would trigger them. 

Photoelectric Alarm These highly intelligent systems detect surface changes through an inbuilt optical detector. When the smoke rises, the balance is altered, leading to the Alarm sound. These are commonly used within all home areas as they are relatively sensitive to other false causes. 

Combination Alarms Featuring both optical and multi-sensor features, these alarms detect smoke and heat. Due to the combination of features, they are known for their speedy reaction time, making them ideal for residential and commercial properties. 

Interconnected Alarms This is the name given to multiple alarms that run from the same system. When smoke causes one to sound, the rest of them also trigger making for a large impact.

These types of systems are great for use in larger properties or spaces that have more area available. This ensures that all users can hear the alarm.

How do I Know Which Alarm to Choose?

As you can see from the above list, a few options exist when selecting a new smoke alarm. 

If you choose a professional to install your new product, they can best advise on the most effective system for your environment. 

We recommend ionisation or photoelectric detectors for use within residential properties as they have the highest success rates within domestic settings. They also ensure that when other sources within the home are being used, the smoke alarm only sounds when a genuine risk is experienced. 

Your professional will also confirm the best location for your alarm, as this is also imperative to successful working. To learn more about our smoke alarm installation services, contact us today.

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