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What are the different types of door entry systems

All you need to know about door entry systems in the UK


If you are looking for an additional layer of security, door entry systems are a brilliant option. They are a popular choice worldwide, with the global door entry systems market worth almost $1 billion.

As experts in door entry system installations at Taylor Alarm & CCTV, we are passionate about choosing the best type of system for every need. Keep reading to learn about the different options available.

What is a Door Entry System?

A door entry system is an access tool for managing entries and exits from a property. They are commonly used in larger buildings, such as residential flats and commercial spaces.

The system uses either a code or button access, requiring an individual to verify their identity. Some feature a buzzer or dialling pad, whilst others have sensors. They also include cameras or speakers to assist with the verification process.

Where are Door Entry Systems Used?

Any buildings that have a high footfall of traffic benefit from a door entry system. They also eliminate the need for additional keys to be available, making them popular within commercial areas.

What are the Different Types of Door Entry Systems?

As with any building addition, making the product decision is crucial as it will impact the success of its intended usage. Below is a list of the most common door entry system types used in the UK.

Biometric Entry System These use either a fingerprint or eye scan to grant access. They require more setting up initially, with each person needing to be added as an account but allowing for seamless entry for approved personnel once configured. 

Audio Entry System As one of the most common entry systems for residential properties, these systems feature a two-way audio system. Using either one generic button or numbers for apartments, the resident can speak directly with the guest and use their internal system to grant or deny access.

Proximity Reader Systems Using either a swipe card or tap of a tag, only users with the proximity keys can gain access. They are commonly used within office buildings as they grant extra security but mean the entry points do not need to be constantly monitored when people arrive.

Video Entry System Like the audio systems, these feature a two-way system allowing a video stream. These come in a few different forms, with either screens on both the internal and external system or a camera on the external entry point and a screen for internal purposes. 

They can also act as a form of CCTV as they continually record.

Keypad Entry System Linked to a central system, keypad systems can be set up with a shared password or code. Easy to use, the data can also be regularly updated to eliminate the chance of data breaches.

How Can You Get Door Entry Systems Installed?

Professional installers will be able to easily fit your new door entry system. Thanks to our teams engineering and electric backgrounds, this is a service that we commonly offer.

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