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What Is Included in an Alarm Service

With at least 32% of UK households having a security alarm, it is no surprise that alarm maintenance is a popular service at Taylor Alarm & CCTV! If you want to keep your security protection in top working order but are unsure what a service includes, continue reading to find out.

What Is an Alarm Service?

Like your annual MOT or business PAT testing for electrics, security alarms must be expertly maintained for the best results. An alarm service looks at every component or system to ensure that it will work correctly if it needs to be triggered.

Why Is an Alarm Service Important?

Over 70,000 burglaries took place in 2022 across the UK. This horrible invasion of privacy can be greatly reduced with an effective security system. Intruder alarms offer a strong deterrent thanks to their piercing, attention-grabbing sounds. They also often prove at the first point of defence against intruders, meaning that a crime could occur if they don’t sound. Keeping it serviced is important if you rely on a security alarm to protect your family and property.

What Is Included in a Regular Alarm Service?

An alarm service offers a detailed assessment of the working order that a system currently has. This includes the following:
  1. Inspection of the entire product including internal mechanisms and cables. Alarms include many tiny and intelligent parts that work together when a danger triggers the system. If one of these is not working, no safety measures will be in place. The engineer will look at each mechanism and part to ensure optimal performance.
  2. Full testing including remote and on-site triggering. During the service, all sound and volume levels will be tested. This ensures all settings are working and that the alarm can be used as both a detector and deterrent.
  3. The functionality when integrated into a wider security system. Whilst security alarms can be used on their own, they are most effective as part of an entire security setup. If you have other features, such as CCTV or even or entry systems, the engineer can test the alarms performance with these products also being considered.
  4. An assessment of the external product. It is not just the internal system that needs to be checked, but also the casing. If this is chipped or damaged, it could represent a risk to the internal component parts. The engineer will ensure complete protection for the mechanics.

How Do I Book an Alarm Service?

As with security alarm installation, you should always use a registered professional to undertake your alarm service. They should have proven experience of working with different security systems and understand your model in complete detail.  Our team is always on hand to check over alarm systems, ensuring they work optimally. Contact us today to learn more or to book your next service.
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