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Deterring burglars

What Is the Best Deterrent for Burglars

In the UK, during 2022, 250,690 burglary crimes were reported. With crime rates staying high and the cost-of-living crisis putting more people in tough situations, staying safe should be of paramount importance for home and business owners across the country.  At Taylor Alarm & CCTV, we know how effective security tools can deter burglars before a crime occurs. Sometimes having protection is enough to send a loud message that you are not the person to take advantage of.  Below is a list of the top ways to stop burglars in their tracks.

Security Lighting

Available in motion-activated, times, and manual forms, security lighting is a great way to stop crimes from taking place. With most crimes occurring at night, having a strong glaring light that shrouds your property is a great way to eliminate robberies. Lighting means nowhere to hide and ensures that other measures, such as CCTV work more efficiently.


Being caught on video carrying out a crime is the last thing that a burglar wants. Just one frame of them around an area could be enough to see them charged. CCTV sends a loud and strong message that any unwanted activity will have a repercussion. 

Building Protection Such as Fences

While there is no rhyme or reason for how criminals choose a place to steal from, making your property hard to access is a great deterrent. This combined with the other security measures included on our list, will transform even a suburban home into the ultimate safe house.

Entry Systems

These are effective as it shows that security surrounds a home from the entrance. Often fitted with cameras and alarms, entry systems ensure that only people with the right information can access a building. This means it is practically impossible for a burglar to break in.

Intruder Alarms

We think the best deterrents work to protect properties whether someone is home or not. An intruder alarm is triggered at one of the first signs of entry and ensures that all eyes are placed on the area in question. The last thing that a burglar wants is attention which is why these work so well. 

Do I Need All of These Security Measures to Deter a Criminal?

It is up to you how many, if any, security products you have in place. However, the more that you choose to install, the better protected you will be.  For criminals, just seeing that at least one measure is in place will be enough to send a message that your home is protected. Furthermore, if it is known that one or more properties within an area have security systems, the risk is reduced even more.  Many factors, including the type of property, location, and budget, will all have a role to play in the security systems you select. Contact us today to chat about how you can most effectively deter criminals.
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