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After an attempted break in, Taylor Alarms & CCTV came within an hour of me calling & installed a brand new alarm system there and then at a great price. They showed me everything they were doing and provided a fantastic service. Cannot praise them highly enough.

– Mrs Joan Hillyar

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Smoke Alarms

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Smoke Alarm Installation & Maintenance

When it involves protecting your family, tenants & your home, you can’t afford to take chances with the threat of fire. Since the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy, people are now more conscious of the importance of an early warning to give people more time to escape. Having good smoke, heat & carbon monoxide detectors in your home can literally be the difference between life & death.

Taylor Alarm and CCTV have been installing fire, smoke & carbon monoxide alarms for years. Traditionally, we’ve installed alarms for home owners & landlords, just because they want to provide protection for their families & homes (and landlords need to do this by law).

In February 2022 it became law for all Scottish homes to meet the new Fire & Smoke Alarm Standards. In short, the new Scottish legislation states that an interlinked Fire and fire alarm system must be fitted in a property and that there should be adequate Carbon Monoxide protection. Follow this link to read more about the new Scottish Legislation for fire & smoke alarms.

The Different Types of Smoke Alarm

There are two main types of smoke detectors: ionization detectors and photoelectric detectors. Our smoke alarms can use one of the methods or both of them, depending on your needs. If required, we also install heat detectors. The devices are powered by either a 9-volt battery, lithium battery, or 120-volt house wiring.

All of the smoke alarms and fire alarm systems that we install meet all industry standards and are fully tested and maintained to make sure that everything is in full working order. Contact our smoke alarm installation team today for a free no-obligation quote.

CCTV Services

Alarm servicing

If you are looking for a security solution for your home or commercial property, whether this is a basic or complicated job, why not rely on our CCTV installation experts. We can help you find the best system to suit your property, we offer with a free survey and quotation for your new CCTV security installations. We offer a large variety of CCTV cameras, from HD colour, color-vu night vision, audio, pet-friendly home security systems and cameras with geofencing. All our cameras come with a FREE mobile app to allow round the clock monitoring.

What’s included?

  • Installation, set up and configuration of your CCTV system
  • Free site survey with quotation
  • 1-year standard parts and labour warranty
  • Unbeatable value for money

Frequently Asked Questions

CCTV cameras can work as a strong deterrent for burglars and robbers, as they know that they will be captured on camera. This will make your home a lot less susceptible to break-ins, as compared with homes that do not have a CCTV system installed, and provide more security for your family and valuable assets.

Taylor Alarm & CCTV offer a free no obligation quote and site survey.

A Typical installation can take 1-4 hours depending on the amount of cameras and type of system being installed.

  • The type of camera used and that camera’s functionality
  • If you would like to opt-in for a DVR or NVR recorder
  • Whether you would like to opt-in for HD colour, night vision, audio, pet friendly home security systems & cameras with geofencing

Burglar and Intruder Alarms

Deterring burglars

Your Safety Comes First

Our customers are always at the forefront of what we do, our trained consultants will assess your property and install an alarm system which meets all of your requirements.

A full risk analysis will be undertaken, which allows us to provide you with a detailed and precise design proposal. Our certified professionals will have a discussion with you to understand your security needs fully.

We are here to provide solutions to all of your security needs.

Studies reveal that it is far less likely that your premises will be burgled if you have a correctly fitted and well maintained alarm system.
The variety of alarms and their fitting is a complex subject. We can offer a comprehensive solution based on your individual needs. We can supply and install audible only and hybrid alarms, including bells only and automatic dialling alarms.

We can also implement Remote Signalling Alarms, including intruder alarms terminating at approved central monitoring stations, offering 24 hour monitoring to alert local police. Our alarms conform to the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPOS) Intruder Alarm Policy and are installed to either PD 6662:2010 (high security systems) and BS 6799 Class VI (wire-free alarms).

From single to over 200 zones.
Complete systems can vary from a single zone system to over 200 zones to protect larger premises. Our systems can offer independent control of different zones within a building combined with comprehensive event logs.

We can protect your premises with traditional hard wired systems or wire free systems where decor is at a premium and cabling cannot be visible.


Police and Insurance approved systems
Wired and wireless systems
Perimeter detection systems
Door and window protection
Movement detection
Personal attack alarms
Pet friendly alarms
Day and night setting options
Remote monitoring and police response systems

Secure Door Entry


We are here to give you peace of mind. As we all know burglary and assault are some of the crimes which we fear the most, whether we are at home or work.

Security systems are indispensable to any type of building. They provide consistency in business operations, safety of tangible assets, intellectual property and, above all, human life. Commercial properties, airports, retail shops, industrial enterprises, financial and governmental institutions, schools, medical facilities, power, oil and gas companies as well as residential complexes require a unique set of safety and security measures because each type of property is vulnerable to different hazards.

Why use access control?
Control who accesses secure or restricted spaces with convenience and ease, individualise your security allowances down to each separate staff member if desired. Monitor staff movements & hours. Designate multiple security level combinations with ease and efficiency.

Remove the problems of traditional keys as well as problem of keys being cut by staff without authority. With access control, you are the key master.

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