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Taylor Burglar Alarm Installation Blackpool are independent safety specialists providing a broad array of high quality, new security systems to safeguard residential and commercial properties.

Further, being an independent company means we are not tied to any one corporation’s goods. But we are free to assess all safety systems and bring you the best deals available. Also, you will find a full range of security solutions from advanced monitored alarms and CCTV systems.

Overall, our customers are our main priority. Mainly, we pledge that our professional and personal service standards are second to none. Also, we care about all our clients and will always react positively to ensure your satisfaction in any dealings with us.


Why Burglar Alarms Need Servicing

Burglar alarms need to be serviced to avoid future faults, including the circuits and detection components. Rather than going to the difficulty of attempting to repair them by yourself, make sure to contact out a specialist to deal with the issue. Possibly the most popular reason for your burglar alarm to need repairing is that the battery has become dead or is showing signs of malfunction.

Mainly, this typically happens if the battery has not been substituted for more than two years. Experts use a multimeter to permit them to checked for any blown fuses . Also, if there is other ordinary details which involve an open circuit in the tamper circuit. First, which will typically make it hard for intruders to disable the alarm. Alternatively, or a fault with the personal attack circuit. Also, with the latter, it is often the microswitch that is to blame. Lastly, burglar alarm owners mainly have to fight with the weather of which can develop into damp insightful the circuit box itself and rusting the battery and other electrical elements – as a result; they will need to be substituted swiftly for the alarm to continue working correctly.

How Frequently Should Alarms Be Serviced?

Your burglar alarm should at a minimum be serviced yearly if it is a bells only alarm, and twice a year if it includes a police-approved monitoring system. As stated above, batteries will be likely to run down after two years. However, it is crucial to catch problems like open circuits, rust, blown fuses and faulty micro switches as soon as possible. An annual service will allow you to catch and repair troubles just as they start to build, instead than having to wait until the alarm stops working entirely and puts your house at danger.


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Call Taylor Burglar Alarm Installation Blackpool for more expert information on safeguarding your home or business.  Importantly, we are a regional firm, been working in Blackpool for many years. Our brand image is excellent and trustworthy towards our residents and clients throughout the area.  We would be grateful for the chance to ensure your home is safe, and offer this at a cost-effective price. Call us on 01253 589 230.


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