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After an attempted break in, Taylor Alarms & CCTV came within an hour of me calling & installed a brand new alarm system there and then at a great price. They showed me everything they were doing and provided a fantastic service. Cannot praise them highly enough.

– Mrs Joan Hillyar

Taylor Burglar Alarm Installation Chester

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Taylor  Installation Chester systems installed by our professional engineers protect your home and company when you can’t be there in person. Further, they can also be used to safeguard parts of your house when you are around. Further, burglar alarms can be used to safeguard houses, lock-ups, garages, business premises and even individual rooms. Overall, if you want It’s totally up to you. If you require an alarm system, or if you’re feeling about it as a potential option, do get in contact and we’d be pleased to discuss any needs with you.


Taylor Burglar Alarm Installation Chester specifies in the project, installation, repair and maintenance of all wired/wireless smart thief security alarms, cameras, access control, Ring smart video doorbell and floodlight cam CCTV systems for home and commercial premises. Also, we fit safety systems across Wirral, Chester, Wrexham and Flintshire areas.

Further, our expertly trained and safety screened fitters are of the most excellent integrity and offer total privacy. Also, customers can anticipate the top quality safety alarm service at a low price.

Wireless Security

Taylor Burglar Alarm Installer Chester fit and reparation all wired / wireless intruder smart alarm systems, access control i.p CCTV cameras, and Ring smart video doorbell/floodlight cam for your home or commercial and are supervised and preserved to the highest standard of GRADE 2.

Video Cameras

Full safety in the palm of your hand.  Also, control and display your entire access control system from wherever in the world on your smart device with the free App.


Our fitters are specialists in adapting systems to meet various needs, so if you’re nervous about getting to the keypad before the alarm goes off, we can arrange them to make sure you have ample time.

Sensitive to pets

If you have pets in your home this needn’t stop you from contemplating a system, call us today and we can chat to you about sensors which will let your pets to move about without set the alarm system off.

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By calling Taylor Alarm, you will join in a crucial early step in the path of safeguarding your most treasured possessions.

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The Roman Legio II Adiutrix during the reign of Emperor Vespasian founded Chester in AD 79, as a “castrum” or Roman fort with the name Deva Victrix. It was established in the land of the Celtic Cornovii, according to ancient cartographer Ptolemy. As a fortress during the Roman expansion northward. Also, it was named Deva either after the goddess of the Dee or directly from the British name for the river. Further, the ‘victrix’ part of the name was taken from the title of the Legio XX Valeria Victrix which was based at Deva. Additionally, Central Chester’s four main roads, Eastgate, Northgate, Watergate and Bridgegate, follow routes laid out at this time.

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