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After an attempted break in, Taylor Alarms & CCTV came within an hour of me calling & installed a brand new alarm system there and then at a great price. They showed me everything they were doing and provided a fantastic service. Cannot praise them highly enough.

– Mrs Joan Hillyar

Taylor Burglar Alarm Installation Margate

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Taylor Burglar Alarm Installation Margate are the best CCTV & safety business in your area. Scarily, even with the advantages of living in the technical period, there are also, in contrast, major disadvantages. Undeniably the offenders are now smarter than ever before. Undoubtedly, they are using complex gadgets to break into your house and company. Consequently, safeguarding your property has never been more complicated.  Crucially, never feel at risk again. Without a doubt, get one of our innovative CCTV systems.

Taylor Burglar Alarm Installation Margate – CCTV Cameras 

Today in the HD era, HD, Safety Cameras are the ideal way to get a noticeable image of a burglar in the bleakest of lawns.  First, they come in 720P or 1080P motion. But, mainly, the attractiveness of our HD equipment is that you do not have to switch the wires, just remove the old camera and connect the new HD Security Camera. Importantly, if you need a higher range of CCTV, we can recommend you an IP Megapixel camera. Mainly, this camera can operate as a Wireless Night Vision Spy Camera as well all the up to more than 5 Megapixels. Overall, ensure you contact us today.

Types of Typical Systems

  • Full Digital systems
  • Digital Hard Drive Recording Suites
  • Remote Online (Virtual Guarding)
  • Rapid Deployable
  • FLIR Thermal Imaging
  • White Light Technology illumination
  • Number Plate Recognition Systems
  • Night Vision cameras
  • High-Resolution Colour Cameras
  • HD and IP

Common Uses

  • Crime Deterrent
  • Health and Safety Monitoring
  • Employee Monitoring
  • Access control via Number Plate Recognition
  • Viewing of Remote Sites and activity
  • Machinery and Factory Process Monitoring
  • Site Audit Trail of activity

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Overall, we can present you with aid and assistance on, CCTV system, burglar alarms and home security in Margate. It is important to note; we are also existing TV aerial installation, satellite installation, wall mounting, locksmith and range of other services. Importantly, we will ensure your home, business, and the loved ones are safe and secure on the same day you call. Essentially, all you must do is give us a call today, and we can provide you with a free quote and advice.

Margate History

Margate was recorded as “Meregate” in 1264 and as “Margate” in 1299, but the spelling continued to vary into modern times. The name is thought to refer to a pool gate or gap in a cliff where pools of water are found, often allowing swimmers to jump in. The cliffs of the Isle of Thanet are composed of chalk, a fossil-bearing rock.

Margate gives its name to the relatively unknown yet influential Battle of Margate, starting on 24 March 1387, it was the last major naval battle of the Caroline War phase of the Hundred Years’ War. Despite the battle being named after Margate, very little actually happened near the coastal town – the battle is named after Margate as this was where an English fleet of 51 vessels that were anchored at Margate Roadstead first spotted a Franco-Castilian-Flemish wine fleet of around 250-360 vessels.

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