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After an attempted break in, Taylor Alarms & CCTV came within an hour of me calling & installed a brand new alarm system there and then at a great price. They showed me everything they were doing and provided a fantastic service. Cannot praise them highly enough.

– Mrs Joan Hillyar

Taylor Burglar Alarm Installation Stirling

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For the market-leading company across Stirling, get in touch with us at Taylor Burglar Alarm Installation Stirling. All of our engineers are fully trained and qualified, allowing us to fit, install and maintain the best possible alarm systems. We have over ten years of experience in working with a range of properties. 

Therefore, we offer our services to both domestic and commercial properties across Stirling. To ensure we provide you with the best quality systems we only use the latest, most advanced technology. However, even the best systems require regular maintenance checks.

Our maintenance services

We highly advise you to get regular maintenance checks on your alarm systems, to ensure they are fully working. We are happy to offer a free call-out service at Taylor Burglar Alarm Installation Stirling. Thus allowing us to find the solutions to any issues you may have. Unfortunately, if someone breaks into your property and your system isn’t fully working, and you don’t have a warranty guarantee, you may not be eligible for an insurance claim. 

To ensure you are meeting your insurance policy, it is vital to have regular updates. Regardless of whether or not we provided your alarm system, we are happy to offer our maintenance service. Don’t put your safety or your insurance at risk. Get in touch with Taylor Burglar Alarm Installation Stirling today. 

Regardless of your issues, we are here to help. We are happy to provide a free, no obligation call-out service with one of our trained professionals. As well as free quotes. With all over 65s receiving a 10% discount.

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All of our alarm systems have been created using the most advanced technology. All of which has been tested and approved.  We take pride in staying up to date with the digital age. As customer satisfaction is our number one aim we tailor our services to suit your individual needs. 

We are fully equipped to deal with a wide range of issues. Regardless of your needs, we guarantee to help you out.  Whether your needs are commercial, retail, corporate or home security we are fully equipped to suit your requirements and budget. 

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Ensure your property is fully safeguarded by getting in touch with us today. Whether you require a new alarm system, or you are looking for maintenance on your existing system, we are here to help. 

Please give us a call on 01786 231 652.

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Walking the Marches is a custom probably started in the 12th century. The only way the town’s boundaries could be protected was to walk round inspecting them annually. The walk was followed by a dinner. This was traditionally done by the Birlaw men made up from members of the Seven Trades, the Guildry and Council. In 2014 the tradition was revived after an official abeyance of several years

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alarm and cctv installation

Taylor Alarm and CCTV development plan

Prior to installing your CCTV system at Taylor Alarm and CCTV Installation Stirling we provide a full risk analysis. This will ensure we understand your security requirements and will install the perfect CCTV system for you.

We will then provide you with a clear and detailed project plan, showing you the steps we will be taking. Regardless of your needs, at Taylor Alarm and CCTV Installer Stirling we promise to meet them.

All of our services come with a free aftercare and warranty guarantee. We will complete your installation with minimal disruption and also offer future updates if required. 


Why should you choose Taylor Alarm & CCTV Stirling?

To provide you with the number one service, we only use the latest equipment. All our equipment has been tested and approved to ensure it meets industry standards.

We are happy to install both internal and external CCTV cameras to give you full protection of your property,vehicles, valuables etc. 

All of our engineers attend training programmes on the regular. Ensuring they are up to date with the latest technology. 

Choose Taylor Alarm and CCTV  and receive:

  • Top-quality workmanship
  • Expert advice
  • Free call-out service
  • Same day or next day service
  • Free quotes
  • Quick installation turnaround
  • No mess

Get in touch with Taylor Alarm and CCTV 

Whether you want to book an appointment, or you have questions regarding our CCTV services please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Get in touch with us on 01786 231 652 and we will be more than happy to assist you. 

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