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At Taylor Alarm and CCTV Installation Bury we can install the most complex of installations, thanks to our trained technicians. We only use the latest technology and equipment. Therefore ensuring we provide you with the best system possible. As we are a local company we can provide you with same day or next day service. 

When CCTV systems first came around they were only installed in business properties. However, nowadays a lot of people get them installed in their homes. At Taylor Alarm and CCTV Installer Bury we use our knowledge and expertise to provide you with a top-quality service. 

A range of security systems 

Both digital and analogue systems are available at Taylor Alarm and CCTV Installation Bury. We also offer our services to both domestic and commercial properties. 

Our systems at Taylor Alarm and CCTV Installer Bury are made with the most advanced technology and software. Choose one of our systems and you will receive facial recognition, number plate recognition, panoramic lens, explosion-proof camera and DarkFighter night vision.

In order to meet all of your needs we tailor our systems at Taylor Alarm and CCTV Installation Bury specifically to you. Therefore regardless of your requirements we can help you out. Our systems are extremely effective, user-friendly and cost-effective. Meaning our customer satisfaction rate is second to none. 

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Additional features on our CCTV system

In order to provide you with extra protection and peace of mind we have a range of additional features available. For example, we have designed an app which provides you with remote viewing access. You can download the app easily and for free across all IOS and Android devices. Therefore, using your smartphone, laptop, tablet or PC you can monitor and store live recordings. Providing you with a stream of live footage and 4K UHD resolution.

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Bury’s history 

According to writer Geoffrey Moorhouse, no history of Bury is complete without reference to its role as the regimental town of the Lancashire Fusiliers.

In 1688 Prince William of Orange (later King William III) landed at Brixham, Devon. He was met by a number of noblemen, who were then commissioned to raise regiments to help him oppose James II. Colonel Sir Robert Peyton raised a regiment containing six independent companies in the Exeter area. This regiment evolved to become the Lancashire Fusiliers: following successful recruiting a regimental depot was established at Wellington Barracks in 1881.