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After an attempted break in, Taylor Alarms & CCTV came within an hour of me calling & installed a brand new alarm system there and then at a great price. They showed me everything they were doing and provided a fantastic service. Cannot praise them highly enough.

– Mrs Joan Hillyar

Taylor Alarm and CCTV Installation Walton-upon-Thames

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Taylor Alarm & CCTV Installation Walton-upon-Thames provide only the best security systems in your area, to ensure all your possessions are safe. Shockingly, the UK has one of the highest crime rates in the UK, and Walton-upon-Thames is still subject to crime. Luckily, there are measures that you can take to lessen the prospects of crime happening on your house or business. Further, to make sure useful testimony is available if you do become an object of it. Additionally, fitting CCTV cameras in Surrey can be a highly effective way to prevent would-be burglars and keep you and your house secure.


CCTV Camera Technology

Over recent years, the price of CCTV safety camera protection has fallen considerably. This has made it a lower cost for homeowners and companies to keep themselves in safe hands. Also, technology has advanced rapidly over the last decade, guaranteeing the days of being left with nothing but blurry and useless footage are long behind us. Further, new technology has allowed us to view real-time HD images of our homes even when we are hundreds or thousands of miles away from them. At Taylor Alarm & CCTV Installation Walton-upon-Thames, we are keen to help you if you are searching for a high-quality CCTV camera installer.


Customised CCTV Solutions for Walton-upon-Thames

Taylor Alarm & CCTV Installation Walton-upon-Thames understand that no two customers’ needs and conditions are ever the same, which is why we pay attention thoroughly to what you have to say before making appropriate suggestions that are correct for your desires and cost. The services that we offer are intended to assist you to safeguard your properties, staff and stock. Further, we can create a customised CCTV security camera installation that’s designed for your particular requirements and gives you the peace of mind that you need. Also, each CCTV-based product that we deliver and fit provides HD quality images and crystal-clear night vision. Moreover,  we can also deliver you with hard drives with adequate capacity to record and store weeks of footage.


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Overall, we can present you with excellent CCTV and assistance on, CCTV system, burglar alarms and home security in Walton-upon-Thames. It is important to note; we are also current TV aerial installation, satellite installation, wall mounting, locksmith and range of other services. Crucially, we will make sure your home, business, and the loved ones are secure and safe on the same day you call. Basically, all you must do is give us a call today, and we can offer you a free quote and advice


Walton-upon-Thames History

During World War I, troops from New Zealand were hospitalised in the No. 2 New Zealand General Hospital at Mount Felix House, which is now demolished except for its stable block and clock tower. Further, they are remembered by a memorial in the cemetery, where those who died at Mount Felix are buried, and one in St Mary’s Church where an annual service of remembrance is held. They are also remembered in the street name New Zealand Avenue, the Wellington Pub (formerly The Kiwi), and a small memorial in the Homebase car park.


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