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Taylor Alarm & CCTV Installation Corby offers customised CCTV installations for both national and industrial installations.

Further, we recognise criminal damage and theft costs firms, homeowners and insurance companies in Britain millions of pounds every year. Also, Intruder alarm systems give both exposures and also act as an alert to criminals while informing police, employees and neighbours. Mainly, all of our installations are customised to your desires to ensure you, your business and possessions are secure.

Moreover, our understanding of CCTV & safety systems is integration, making sure that your system is user-friendly, simple and effective at protecting your home, company, employees, visitors, information and assets.

Modern Solutions

Our advanced wireless CCTV systems permit the property owner to remotely observe cameras from their mobile phones, tablets or PC’s – which can be a dilemma for poorly linked rural locations. Thankfully, our experts can fit 4g broadband solutions for people residing in these areas, ensuring that they gain from the same high-tech value CCTV as our urban customers. As experts in welfare and safety results for rural locations, our group are on hand to guarantee that you’re linked, secured and as secure as possible from threats

Assured Protection

Unlike traditional CCTV installations, our solutions are designed to be completely efficient, no matter what.  Mainly, our cameras and their parts are protected from weathering and are powder coated for a strong finish. Also, we have a variety of mains powered cameras as well as a pair of units that are battery powered and recharged by a built-in solar panel. Overall, guaranteeing that the property is safeguarded even in the event of a power outage. All of our alternatives are internet-enabled and are configurable for ‘live viewing’ and multiple users.

Bespoke Solutions

As well as supplying standalone CCTV units and installation, Taylor Alarm & CCTV Installation Corby present a customised service, to both local and business clients. Also, our experienced technicians can present a no-obligation site survey, carefully assessing all areas of potential intrusion or theft and come up with a CCTV solution that is useful to your demands. Further, operating within your budget, we can guarantee that our innovative technology protects every angle. Therefore, presenting properties of the unparalleled protection of a simple system.

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Contact Taylor Alarm & CCTV Installation Corby for more info on security to your house or business and fitting our CCTV camera – the principal versus criminals. Also, we are a regional firm, working in your area, and our business image is reliable and reliable, by all our local’s throughout the area, would define us. Overall, Taylor Alarm & CCTV Installation would be thankful for the chance to protect your home and provide this at a low cost. Call us today on 0800 316 5620 or 0772 742 8343 or use our online booking form today.

Corby Culture

Local legend states that Corby sees the highest sales of the Scottish soft drink Irn-Bru of anywhere outside Scotland. Asda Corby is stated to sell 17 times more Irn-Bru than any other store in England. Also, it’s popularity is cemented by the fact that it is available for purchase in all bars, nightclubs and pubs in the area. In 2014, Corby held a mock referendum in the run-up to the Scottish independence referendum 

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