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Taylor Alarm & CCTV Installation Newcastle-under-Lyme has fifteen years experience and knowledge of installing CCTV and security systems for the people of Stoke. Also, we are approved installers, and promise the highest quality CCTV installation, that is long-lasting and high-tech. Additionally, all our systems come with one year- free warranty and option to extend. 

Our firm focuses on customised safety systems which can be installed on the same day as your phone call.  Therefore ensuring you are safe with the most excellent shield against criminals in the industry. By selecting an alarm or CCTV system installation with Taylor Alarm & CCTV Installation Newcastle-under-Lyme you ensure that you’re always safeguarded against any burglars. Meaning you don’t have to stress.  Further, our systems use the newest app technology so you can monitor your system from your smartphone, be sent notifications or be linked directly to our monitoring station for the primary holder or police response.

CCTV being used in Stoke-on-Trent

Amazingly, there are roughly 205 CCTV cameras scattered around Stoke-on-Trent. Assisting Staffordshire Police to make the city a securer and more crime-free location to stay and operate in. Also, the safety cameras are checked twenty-four hours a day every day of the year, delivering continuous surveillance.

Further, the CCTV cameras help to discourage people from carrying out the crime. Therefore, providing the resistance of Newcastle-under-Lyme and surrounding areas with a peace of mind that the crime taking place is reducing. Overall, making the city more appealing to residents, companies, shoppers and visitors; and creating a safer city. 

Benefits of Taylor Alarm & CCTV Installation Newcastle-under-Lyme CCTV

At Taylor Alarm & CCTV Installer Newcastle-under-Lyme CCTV  we ensure your home and business is safe, giving you an added layer of protection. Importantly, it is a proactive measure to prevent your property from being targeted. The main benefits are:

  1. CCTV DETERS crime: It’s a fact that the very existence of CCTV cameras at your property lessens the chance of it being pursued by burglars. As most burglars do not want to run the risk of being spotted on camera, they will move away from your property, on to another one that does not have CCTV.
alarm and cctv installation

2.CCTV can assist in catching and prosecuting intruders: In the not likely event that your home is pursued by burglars, CCTV can assist. First, you may see them on your CCTV in the action and phone the Police to detain them, or the footage can be utilized by them to trace the suspects.

3.CCTV can reduce your insurance: Having a CCTV system is favoured by the majority of insurers, and you may find that your payments are reduced because your home is now less expected to be pursued by burglars.

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It is important to note that all our CCTV cameras are accessible through your mobile phone- for remote viewing. 

Taylor Alarm & CCTV Installation Newcastle-under-Lyme Cover 

At Taylor Alarm & CCTV Installation Newcastle-under-Lyme CCTV we offer dependable service to the Midlands, North West and North East Wales regions.

Notable People in Newcastle-under-Lyme Cover 

  • E. S. Turner (1909–2006), freelance journalist and author, went to school in the town.[68]
  • Fred Kite (1921–1993), only Second World War British soldier to receive the Military Medal three times
  • Freddie Garrity (1936–2006), singer, frontman in Freddie and the Dreamers, lived in the town near the end of his life.
  • Jackie Trent (1940–2015), singer, songwriter and actress
  • Neil Baldwin (born 1946), clown, former Stoke City kit-man and honorary graduate of Keele University
  • Kevin John Dunn (1950–2008), twelfth Roman Catholic Bishop of Hexham and Newcastle
  • Professor Alan Sinclair (born 1952), clinical scientist and diabetes specialist
  • Dylan Waldron (born 1953), artist who works in traditional techniques such as painting in egg tempera and silverpoint
  • Janet Bloomfield (1953–2007), peace and disarmament campaigner
  • Fran Unsworth (born 1957), journalist, head of BBC News since January 2018
  • Emma Amos (born 1967), actress
  • Andrew Van Buren (living), illusionist showman performer, co-founder of the Philip Astley Project
  • Hugh Dancy, (born 1975), actor
  • Dan Croll, (born 1990) singer and songwriter
  • Leon Cooke (born 1991), actor, singer and dancer