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We provide the best quality services in the area at Taylor Alarm and CCTV Maintenance Salford. Our technicians are all fully trained and have over ten years of industry experience. Only the most advanced of technology is used. Therefore ensuring we provide you with the perfect system. As we are a local company we can provide you with same day or next day service. 

Originally only business properties installed CCTV systems. However, a lot has changed and now a lot of people also install them in their homes. Thus, whatever your property we can help. 

CCTV system upgrades

At Taylor Alarm and CCTV Maintenance Salford we offer both digital and analogue systems. We also provide our services to commercial and domestic properties. 

If you are in need of an upgrade or repair we are more than happy to help you out. We offer much more than a basic system. Our systems include explosion-proof camera, DarkFighter night vision, facial recognition, number plate recognition, panoramic lens. 

As everyone has different needs we tailor each of our systems specifically to you. Therefore, regardless of your needs we are more than capable of meeting them at Taylor Alarm and CCTV Maintenance Salford. 

Safeguard your property 

Get in touch with us today and put your safety first. Unfortunately In Salford the crime rate is quite high, from petty theft to criminal damage. Therefore safeguarding your property is extremely important. Install one of our CCTV systems to help deter, identify and prosecute criminals. 

We offer a range of additional features to provide you with extra protection. Including our app, which offers your remote viewing access from anywhere in the world. Thus allowing you to store and monitor live recordings on your smartphone, laptop, tablet and PC.

Get in touch with Taylor Alarm and CCTV Salford

For the market-leading company in and around Salford Taylor Alarm and CCTV is your only option. Whatever your needs, we are here to meet them.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Call us on 01618702060.

Notable people in Salford

People from Salford are called Salfordians, and the city has been the birthplace and home to notable people of national and international acclaim. Amongst the most notable persons of historic significance with a connection to Salford are Emmeline Pankhurst, one of the founders of the British suffragette movement, who lived in Salford, and the scientist James Prescott Joule, who was born and raised in Salford. The novelist Walter Greenwood (Love on the Dole) and the dramatist Shelagh Delaney (A Taste of Honey) were both born in, and wrote about, Salford. Musicians Bernard Sumner and Peter Hook, who were members of Joy Division – which later reformed as New Order – are both from Salford.Notable Salfordian sportspeople include former England football international and Manchester United F.C. midfielder Paul Scholes, Olympic Javelin Thrower Shelley Holroyd, English former snooker player Mick Price was born in the area and Great Britain and England rugby league international and current Warrington Wolves front-rower Adrian Morley.Salford is also the hometown of the band Happy Mondays and punk poet John Cooper Clarke.

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