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Do Alarms Deter Burglars?

All you need to know about door entry systems in the UK

Security alarms are a popular choice for those wanting to scare away intruders and provide extra protection to their property. Whilst they are thought to be an effective tool, do they really work to deter trespassers? Let’s explore the topic together.

Do Security Alarms Deter Crime?

Around 30% of UK homes have burglar alarms fitted. The security tool also proves popular amongst organisations, with many choosing to install alarms within their commercial buildings. 

Emitting a loud alarm when triggered, they are designed to panic, deter intruders as well as bring attention to close by parties. Most alarm systems also offer direct alerts to the owners and emergency services depending on how they are configured. Despite the attention these impactful systems raise, many people consider just how effective they are in preventing crimes. 

Security alarms do deter burglars.

The fact that 63% of burglaries happen to those without security systems is a significant indicator of alarm success. It is also reported that alarms deter 60% of criminals. Another big sign that security alarms work is that 80% of intruders are said to check for alarms before attempting entry. 

All these statistics prove that an alarm will work as a tool to deter intruders.

We also believe that security alarms prevent crime as passers-by and neighbours are likely to call 111 or 999 if an alarm is triggered with cause for concern. Not only do alarms allow property owners to keep their spaces safe, but they also allow a reactive resolution from many other parties. 

The last thing criminals want is a loud siren telling everyone they are up to no good! Finally, people also know that security alarms tend to be part of a wider setup. This means that if an alarm is present, there will also be CCTV and secure entry systems, making the task of wrongfully accessing harder.

What Types of Security Alarms are Available?

Security alarms come in many different forms, but we prefer to recommend both Smart Alarm Systems and Pet-Friendly Alarms. These both cover all commercial and domestic needs and are proven to work extremely effectively.

Smart Alarm Systems

These intelligent security solutions offer audio, visual, and alarm functions, all covered with one setup. They eliminate the need to spend on multiple tools and provide complete coverage of all properties.

Using motion-detection and contact sensors, these systems can alert the owners and passers-by of unwanted activity. Controlled by a central device, they can be monitored from any location, allowing a property owner to take control if a security breach occurs.

The equipment is also a visual deterrent when criminals choose where to target.

Pet-Friendly Alarms

Another form of alarm we recommend is a pet-friendly system that only triggers once a certain weight level is detected. This prevents pets and other animals from initiating the alarm and causing panic to ensue without a justified reason.  

Perfect for residential properties, these mean your cats and dogs don’t get frightened when exploring their surroundings!

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Burglar Alarm Installation

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