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about the SPANA

Improving the welfare of working animals

During this difficult time, help us treat and care for working animals in the world’s poorest communities

who we are

Established in 1923, SPANA’s goal is simple: to improve the welfare of working animals in the world’s poorest communities. Through three key areas – treating, training and teaching – we’re inspiring others to act in the best interests of working animals while also providing practical, professional and sustainable solutions today. We recognise that the fortunes of working animals and people go hand in hand: in the developing world, just one working animal can support an extended family of up to 30 people. SPANA’s work improves the lives of working animals while supporting the communities that depend on them. We rely entirely on our loyal supporters to help us in our huge but vital task.

SPANA Strategy 2023-27

Transforming the lives of working animals

SPANA’s new strategy for 2023-27 outlines the approach the charity will take in the five years.

100 years on from SPANA’s foundation, the need for our work is greater than ever. Rising global poverty and inequality are leaving owners struggling to care for, feed and even keep their animals. Other risks, such as zoonotic diseases, rising political and economic instability, and welfare threats like the Donkey Skins Trade, are creating further challenges for working animals. And the ongoing impact of climate change is proving particularly difficult on countries which rely on working animals.

As demand for our help increases, SPANA is facing increased competition for income amid a global economic recession.

Our strategy explains how we will rise to these challenges – and achieve more for working animal welfare without an equivalent increase in resources.

While SPANA will continue to treat, train and teach, it will also work to transform working animal welfare – through new projects and partnerships that will deliver sustainable change to working animal welfare.

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