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Do intruder alarms need servicing?

Just like looking after your car or attending your annual eye exam, most things need servicing to be kept in top working order. Intruder alarms are no strangers to this rule, requiring ongoing maintenance if you want peace of mind that you are always protected. 

How Often Should I Service an Intruder Alarm?

More than 192,000 burglaries occurred in England and Wales in 2022. This worrying total is an increase in previous years and shows that intruder crimes are rising in certain areas. 

You can protect your home or business in many ways, including CCTV, Entry Systems, and Intruder Alarms. All offer an active deterrent, and they can be used in various settings to enhance safety. Intruder alarms can be seen as the first line of defence, alerting people to unwanted attendees before they even get a chance to enter a building. This means keeping them fully operational is essential if you don’t want to fall victim to break-ins and thefts. 

Alarm maintenance should occur at least twice a year but more often if you are in a larger commercial space with more complex security systems. These checks ensure that alarms are still working correctly and set up to catch intruders at the first sign of arrival. 

Why Do Intruder Alarms Need Servicing?

Whilst intruder alarms are robust pieces of equipment, like anything else, they can gradually stop working or experience issues over time.

Therefore, you will need to service security alarms for the following reasons:

  • Security alarms feature complex components which can stop working overtime. If even the most minor elements are not fully functioning, your alarm system might not work when needed.
  • Aspects such as weather or surrounding building works could cause the alarms to move out of a position or experience dirt build-ups, impairing the internal sensors. Servicing ensures that issues like this are resolved before entire security systems are compromised. 
  • Electrical faults can also cause some alarms not to work as they are mains connected. The service checks all electrical components and feeds to ensure no disruptions are occurring. 

Ultimately, you will spend less servicing your alarm system than paying for a brand new one if you experience a failure. Furthermore, the purpose of having an intruder alarm is to keep you and your property safe. 

If the alarm doesn’t work, you could not only become a victim of a break-in, but your property could become a target for future crimes as word will get around that it is easy to access. The best form of resolution is prevention which alarm servicing provides. 

Another reason for alarm maintenance is getting an expert assessment of your system to ensure that it is still providing optimal coverage for your property.

How Can I Book Alarm Maintenance?

The most important aspect is choosing a professional company. You want to ensure that you are using someone with certified experience that does not have any malicious motives.

An example of this is our alarm maintenance service which you can find out about by clicking here.

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