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Do you need an electrician to install a fire alarm?

All you need to know about fire alarm installation in the UK

Nobody likes to think about the event of a fire, but it is something that we all must consider if we want to stay safe. Statistics say people are four times more likely to be critically injured if a fire alarm is not installed.

The reality is that these systems save lives, so installing them properly is essential.

Can I Install My Fire Alarm?

As with any home task, you can install fire alarms yourself, but the associated risks should be considered. Some people may choose to fit their own systems due to time or money constraints. If this happens, we recommend that extensive research is done into the types of alarms and locations within the property in which they are installed. 

Fire alarm experts are responsible for the installation and choosing the systems and the ongoing safety, so if you want to fit your own, you need to make sure you have also ticked these boxes. 

If you are wanting to install your own fire alarm, you will need to choose a wireless option which doesn’t require any electrical fittings.

What are the Benefits of a Professional Installing my Fire Alarm?

Whilst it is possible to install your own fire alarm, you may want to consider the benefits of choosing to have a professional carry out the fitting.

  • When an electrician fits a fire alarm, it is done in line with industry standards. If you ever have an incident and need to claim your home insurance, you can prove that your system works correctly.
  • If you plan on installing an electric system, you could risk damaging your wider wiring if you attempt in the fitting yourself. A professional can quickly complete the task at hand with no other damage being caused. 
  • An electrician will also be able to advise you on the type of system used, which is important depending on the property type. 
  • Electricians will install hard-wired fire alarms, which have higher success rates. Wireless options may be easy to place, but they will run out of battery frequently. An alarm wired into the mains will work constantly and features a backup battery should the electric source be compromised. This means your home is always protected.

What Types of Fire Alarms can Electricians Install?

Electricians will be able to install wired fire alarms.

As well as the power benefits that we have already covered, they offer additional support in other areas. Due to their wiring, they are connected to the entire house. This means that when one alarm is triggered, they all sound. They are also a requirement of many insurance companies due to their higher chance of success.

Finally, they are more affordable and require less maintenance.

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We both fire alarm installation and maintenance to always keep you safe. Our team are all licensed and can provide you with the certification needed to prove your alarm efficiency. Contact us to learn more.

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